A letter from Danny

As a homeowner today, your choices in finding a heating and air contractor seem almost endless. But finding one that truly understands your needs and is willing to take the time to offer you choices, as well as helping you fully understand those choices becomes much more difficult. It is our absolute honor to be given the opportunity to assist you in this task.

First, I would like to share a brief history of our company and how we do business. In 1999 we began our company with one van and a vision to start a heating and air company that was willing to go the extra mile and to always back up our work to the fullest. We started by taking service calls at night and working on the weekends to get started. We began to see growth almost immediately and eventually added a second van. We hired our first service technician and began installing new equipment. We contracted out our duct work in the beginning but always backed up the work as if it were our own.

As time went on we saw the need to add our own sheet metal shop. We rented a building and began to purchase some used equipment.

By performing all of our work in house we were able to manage all aspects of the jobs from start to finish. This gave us the benefit of being able to manage the cost of every job and keep the price of an installation down for our customers.

In 2008 we had outgrown our rented space and decided it was time to invest in a more permanent facility. We purchased some land and began construction on two buildings. Presently, we have approximately 12,500 square feet of office, shop and warehouse space to be able to accommodate all aspects of residential and light commercial heating, air and electrical jobs. We also have 14 vehicles and 21 employees consisting of office personnel and factory trained service technicians, electricians and installation technicians.

Although we have grown, we have held true to the principles that we began with: always be honest by never compromising our integrity and never taking our customers for granted. It has not always been easy, but it has been very rewarding.

With that being said, the most important thing we know is that we are not entitled to your business, but given the opportunity we will earn it.


Danny Larcom